Tyvek Vase by Jiwon Choi

Jiwon Choi
Nice Tyvek Vase by Jiwon Choi, a Korean Industrial Designer.


Very elegant at the same time very logical buts its not complete. Judging from the material and shape. Porcerlain (sp? :P) I think above all else you are gonna have handling issues which was knowingly overlooked. sorry. That was presumptuous of me. Because I can see you tried to do something about that. By using 30, 60 and 90 degree angles. Notched at the top flowers bundles in a small circular space excellent awareness of flower arrangement basics. However, water still can exit from the bottom which defeats purpose for this design. Also water needs to breath and receive light before it forms algae. If I had it my way I will design using different materials that will allow light to shine into vase by using very little light space that will spreads kinda like a prism. The water will last longer also its by the window by the sunlight most of the time. So prism can shine into an opaque material that lights up the vase creating warm water within. Great during winter times in Korea. Also using prism idea again..so in sunsets it creates a prism projection on a white wall.. example. I think you need read up horticulture science :). BUT FOR ANYBODY READING THIS YOU ARE GOING TO FIND AWESOME DESIGN CONCEPTS IN KOREA NOT ONLY INDUSTRIAL BUT GRAPHIC AND FINE ARTS AS WELL. Partly because the type of culture I think we tend be better at this. HAHA korean inside joke. If you like my comments please read further down. I am sorry bored at home. :) lol. BUT I LOVE DESIGNS>>>>EVERYTHING. Because true function creates true form and true beauty often seen by mother nature being the best designer over years of evolution.


Yeaaahhh….the material is definitely paper. Most likely wax coated.


That’s original, beautiful and simple. Like!


Hi! Where can I buy this vase? Kind Regards

Joana Santos

nice form its very impressive

incoming link

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