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Stationery by Werklig

Finnish Werklig gave Aalto University a simple but strong identity. The theme only features three basic colours, with grey as an exception, for the condolence envelope and card. The emblem was toned down by embossing it to the envelope and the letterhead.

Posted October 08, 2013 in Graphic Design, Identity, Print Layout

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Identity by Hey

The newly created visual identity for glassblower Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert by Spanish studio Hey. The identity is simple yet elegant with white, black and kraft. Textures win over colors and details are references to the handmade.

Posted October 03, 2013 in Graphic Design, Identity

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Identity by Werklig

Designed by Werklig from Finland, on a very strict design grid, the identity and typeface for Kontoret shows a strong link to the traditional office enviroment with a minimalist Scandinavian twist, with a custom set of icons for the signage system.

Posted September 30, 2013 in Graphic Design, Identity, Typography

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