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Art by Willy Verginer

The wooden scupltures of Italy born Willy Verniger appearing simultaneously lifelike and whimsical. The sculptures are dipped in bold colors and patterned, adding some amount of surrealism.

Posted December 27, 2014 in Art

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Illustrations by Vladimir Stankovic

Taking inspiration from science, nature on one side, and fantasy, fairy tales and mysteries on the other, Vladimir Stankovic draws weird creatures and fauna, yet so detailled you'd want to believe they are real.

Posted October 31, 2013 in Art, Illustration

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Art by Hans Rüdi Giger

Inspired by Dali and Timothy Leary, the art of Hans Rüdi Giger is macabre and filled with disturbing sexual references. Giger is most famous for doing the artwork of the movie Alien.

Posted in Art

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